Some of our Success Stories.

“It was easy and quick!”

The car I was driving for work was in an accident and I suffered some injuries. It was two years before I received my compensation and when I finally got it I was shocked to see how much my solicitors had taken in fees and charges. They had never been clear with me about money they would take from me and it was a huge chunk in the end. I was so annoyed about this that I contacted Legal Fee Check who are experts in claiming back unfair compensation deductions. In two months they got £1700 back. I couldn’t be happier with their service. I was expecting another long drawn out procedure and it just wasn’t like that at all. It was so easy and quick. If you’re considering whether to contact Legal Fee Check, I say go for it! It’s really no hassle at all to get your money back!”

Tommy Harvey, Wallasey

“I really want to thank you for all your help in getting a great outcome for me….Very difficult to put into words how much of a weight you have lifted from myself and family.”

Mrs Samantha Wainwright, Halifax

“I was so pleased to get this cash back”

“I was in a car accident and suffered whiplash, among other injuries. It took over a year to get my compensation and when I finally received my payout, I discovered that my solicitors had taken nearly £2000 for themselves before paying me. My solicitor said they had deducted a “success fee” and also took a chunk for an “after-the-event insurance policy” which they had never discussed with me previously. I didn’t really understand what this was but I just assumed that it must be right and accepted it. It wasn’t until I spoke with Legal Fee Check that I realised that my previous solicitor was not entitled to this money at all. It was very straightforward to sign up with Legal Fee Check and they quickly got to work for me. In under 8 weeks, they got all the money back from my previous solicitors! I couldn’t believe how easy the process was. I was so pleased to get this cash back, just in time for Christmas too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Legal Fee Check if you have any money deducted from a compensation payout – they will review your file for free and there is really nothing to lose.”

Mrs Catherine Hardgrave, Salford

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